Gringos in Salta

Salta has a gritty, slightly European feel, with lots of old Spanish colonial architecture. We’re only 300 km from the Bolivian border so Andino culture is everywhere.

We’ve spent the last few days wandering around town, buying some last minute items, and putting our gringo Spanish to use. And I’m discovering that my language skills are much more limited than I thought. So much for an entire year of Spanish class. Luckily Alex is picking up the basics quickly and to be honest, he’ll probably surpass me in a few days.

On another note, our bikes survived the trip unscathed. We managed to put them back together and take them for a quick test ride around San Lorenzo, which ended soon after we started riding up a very steep rough road that seemed to head straight into the mountains (San Lorenzo sits right at the base of the Andean foothills).

The plan is to start biking south on Saturday. Marco’s hosting a huge party for his birthday on Friday night with an in house DJ, so it’s unlikely we’ll make it very far.


Salta at night



the Surlys all assembled and ready for 3,000 miles



riding outside San Lorenzo



Marco´s house



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