Mendoza could be a lot of European cities with its tree lined boulevards, parks, and cafes everywhere, except for a few small differences. No one eats dinner before 10 or 11 pm and the night doesn’t stop before 5 am (at 4 am on sunday morning the sidewalk patios were still packed). Stores start to open up around mid-morning, but siestas are as important as fiestas, so at 1 pm everything closes until at least 6 or 7.  Nap time is taken very seriously here so maybe Argentinians get things done in their sleep. More likely though, they just take partying a little more seriously.

On that note, in the aftermath of a lost bank card and another near catastrophic mental lapse (obviously,
this is shockingly uncharacteristic of me), I forgot to bring my camera to the wineries. So the only pictures I have of Mendoza are of mullets and McDonalds. We have very refined taste. Actually, mullets, and to a slightly lesser extent, rattails, are a matter of cultural significance here in Mendoza. These hairstyles are the epitome of young (and even sometimes old) male fashion. Still trying to convince Alex that he’ll look great with one and since I can’t decide which will look better, a mullet or a rattail, he should probably just get both.

After a day of heavy Malbec drinking in Maipu, one of the main winery districts near Mendoza, we’re getting back in the saddles today (before we forget about this whole biking thing). It’s almost 9 am and we still haven’t packed – at this point we’ve mostly given up on early starts. Our plan is to take the “adventurous” route into the Andes, which involves a dirt road and 365 switchbacks up to a pass. Then we descend down to Upsallata and climb another pass across the border to Chile.




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  1. Lois Lapidus

    Really enjoy reading your comments. Guessd the weatrherhasn’t been too bad, as you seem to progreessing along your way without any problems.

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