I return to blogging with a bit of bad news. Yesterday evening, on the road just north outside of Parque Los Alerces, Sarah had a spill and hurt her right elbow.  It doesnt appear to be anything too serious, but we might be off the bikes for a couple of days while she recoups.

We were riding on a fairly unremarkable–disregarding the beautiful Patagonian landscape–dirt and gravel road. As Sarah explained, she hit a bit of softer gravel on a slight uphill and wasn’t able to downshift in time. She tipped over going about 5 kmh and braced her fall with her right arm. While obviously in a lot of pain, she managed to grit out another 4km until we were within sight of the camping area. But the risk of riding on ripio with one arm caught up with her and she fell again.

Then our luck changed for the better. Unbeknownst to us (we swear we didn’t plan it!) Sarah’s second fall occurred directly in front of two truckloads of fly fishermen. Thanks to Sarah’s well timed overwelling of pain and frustration (use your imagination), we were swiftly loaded into the trucks and taken to  beautiful fly fishing lodge courtesy of owner and guide Jorge Graziosi. There we were treated to homemade ravioli, hot showers, and a roaring fire. Needless to say, we were extremely grateful.

The next morning they gave us a ride to the closest hospital in Cholila. The X-ray was negative, so we hold out some hope for a speedy recovery. In the meantime Sarah will catch up on reading while I try to catch a trout.

Updates to follow.



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