More protests last night in Coyahaique with rioters and policemen spraying tear gas in the central plaza. Despite the civil unrest, the overwhelmingly well stocked grocery store convinced us to stay the night. Sometimes the prospect of food – and eating food –  eclipses all other potentially interesting facets of the trip.
For evidence of this see the first picture below. Yes, Nutella is like crack. That’s Alex’s jar after less than 12 hours (I think he might have a problem…)

On another note, we met two Americans, Christi and Tauru, who are stuck in Coyahaique for two weeks waiting for a bike part to arrive. They’re riding from Ushuaia to Alaska and if you thought riding 16,000 miles was a crazy undertaking, try doing it legally blind. They planned their trip as a way to raise awareness for blindness. This video gives you an idea of what it’s like to ride with zero peripheral vision. It’s a terrifying prospect given the number of sketchy gravel roads in southern Patagonia where I can barely stay on my bike with two fully functional eyes.

“The Beard” is getting shaved. Very sad, but maybe now we’ll get fewer strange looks.





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2 responses to “Coyahaique

  1. MJ

    Dear Alex’s face,
    tu problema es mi problema… down with the beard!

  2. Lois Lapidus

    Your photos are really great! The descriptions of your trials and tribulations
    are fascinating! The countries(Chile and Argentina) are beautiful . Glad Alex cut his bear. He has such a nice face.

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