Snow in the land of fire

We made it to Rio Grande today after five days of epic riding across Tierra del Fuego. We’ll write a longer update soon. The connection is too slow at this internet cafe to upload any pictures so for now, biking  in the “Land of Fire” will remain in words only. Today it was the Land of Snow, and 10 minutes into the storm we decided that riding through a snowstorm was only fun for the short amout of time it takes you to get over the initial feelings of being hardcore. But this is the most remote place on earth, so we had no choice but to keep riding. A car passed and the driver gave us an enthusiastic cheer. I silently cursed him for not having an open pickup truck. Now we can add another extreme weather condition to our list and pray that the weather will clear up for the final 200km to Ushuaia.


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  1. Wow. It sounds so intense. I missed u for the last few days. Please try to stay in touch more regularly. And stay warm. Cheers. Martin

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