Hi, we´re Alex and Sarah.  We´re friends from here, where we graduated in 2011.

The idea for our trip to Patagonia started one fateful night of Williams Bowling Club, when Sarah mentioned her desire to bike through South America.  This was a reasonable goal for her–she had already biked across the U.S. and liked to do strange things like run (quickly) for pleasure.  Her only difficulty was finding someone with no job a sense of adventure and a willingness to sleep outside.

Alex thought biking across Patagonia sounded like a good  idea.  This was a slightly unreasonable goal for him–he did not even own a bicycle, and since quitting retiring from football sophomore year to go read books in England, he had discovered that sustained exercise is an unadmirable excess of the young and foolish.  But he didn´t want life to turn into this, and, er, the mountains beckoned.

After graduation, Sarah taught English in Switzerland for a semester.  Somewhat less glamorously, Alex took an EMT class and worked in a restaurant to make money for his adventure.  His parents patiently waited for him to change his mind (they´re still waiting).  After the trip, Sarah wants to return to the U.S. to become a featured writer for the New Yorker pursue an MFA in writing, while Alex hopes to become a fighter pilot federal judge professor emeritus chief of surgery (we´re working on it).

We’re going to try to keep this site up to date with our progress and assorted observations, but as we’ve learned as of jan 19, the wifi in western Argentina can be a little sketchy and blogging from an iPhone is tough. Thanks for following!




5 responses to “About

  1. Katie White

    Lookin fine 🙂 Can’t WAIT to read this blog!

  2. Hey Sarah, can you add a little “big picture” stuff to this “about” page, so folks who are coming to the blog for the first time know what you wild ‘n crazy kids are up to? Once that’s done, we’d love to share with Ephs through Williams social media, etc.
    Good luck!

  3. Ian Rogers--Sarah's grandad

    Very interesting-Would loke to hear more–Grandad

  4. Amanda Armstrong


    Awesome blog! My brother saw it after Christie posted it on Facebook and he remembered that we had played soccer together years ago. It looks like you’re doing incredible stuff…keep it up! Wild and crazy adventures when you’re young are the best part of life…have fun and hopefully we can catch up one day 🙂

  5. Lindsay Preston

    Sarah! You are so awesome! Good luck, and be safe!! xo

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